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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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this morning, the rush is on. black friday is here and we're helping you navigate the crowds to get your hands on the door buster deals and discounts. >> shoppers could get the good weather. we're in for a warm end to the week and for some spots it could be a record-breaker. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm lauren mayk. let's begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. it sounds like amazing weather. >> yesterday was great. temperatures at 64 degrees, today even warmer. we are seeing a little bit of fog depending where you are, a bit of patchy fog. if you are close to northeast philadelphia visibility is down to a half mile, same in mount holly, and in millville down to a quarter mile in wilmington half a mile in dover so you want to be pretty careful if you're heading out early to do shopping or whatever you are deciding to do this morning. so, just keep that in mind. we are seeing some areas of
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dense fog. we're warmer this morning than yesterday morning. we're at fef degrees in the poconos, 36 in allentown, 34 in pots tourngs 33 in coatesville, low 40s in philadelphia. 37 in wilmington. at 38 in northeast philly, 41 in woodbine and 50 degrees in lewis. our highs around the area today, will be even warmer than yesterday. 67 in philadelphia. 63 in pottstown. 64 in allentown and temperatures in atlantic city close to 67. so we're tracking near-record warmth heading into this friday. satellite/radar track shows that we're seeing quiet conditions now, we will see lots of sunshine, then changes. cooler temperatures and a chance of showers on saturday and sunday. i'll let you know all of the details coming up. now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're watching this accident on route 309, closing down all of the southbound lanes, this is right around butler pike. they are forcing traffic around fort washington now. your best bet, take the
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northeast extension as you can see, heavy police activity here. blocking off all lanes, also with the cleanup of this scene an overturned vehicle as well. so may be there for some time. the rest of our drive times are great. no problems into center city, the schuylkill expressway is great, 12 minutes there, the blue route south from the schuylkill to 95 is 14 minutes. more on that 309 accident when i come back in ten. thank you. and if you did not get started on shopping last night, well, today is the big day to do it. it's black friday as you know if you are waking up with us. the ever growing shift to online shopping we wanted to see if the lines out at the stores were still as long as they had been in years passed. to do that we sent matt delucia to the christiana mall to see if lines are thinner in years past. i've been watching your live shots and it is quite a line there at cabela's. >> reporter: well, and they just opened the doors a couple
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minutes ago so the folks are starting to move in. you talked about that push for online shopping in recent years but still a lot of people say this is a tradition, a holiday tradition. some have been out here since yesterday. they got in line at the cabela's at 3:30 yesterday. and the big reason is that these stores are trying to bring people out through gifts so they give out you see in their hands there some gift cards, $10 off here and there, or little prizes. and that is one way that the stores are trying to get people to come inside. the first 600 people in line are getting these gift cards. you see some of the people bundled up here, they have been out all night. one person i spoke with had a bonfire out there. they sort of bond together and make friends while waiting in line. so this is just something that has really become sort of a tradition. so we're at the cabela's now. at the christiana mall. across the way the mall is going to open up in one hour from now. at 6:00.
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then you have the target there, attached to the mall, open all night. so we have parking lot pretty much full at least in this general area, for quite some time. these guys are trying to get the black friday deals. this is not something for the feint of heart. this is you've got to be ready, be prepared and you see the store now, a lot of people in here. they wouldn't open for a few hours from now on a normal day. because of the black friday deals you see the store is packed. so we're going to head over to another store in the next 30 minutes, for now though live in newark, delaware. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> does not look like it's 5:00 a.m. thank you, matt. a lot of shoppers will hunt for toy bargains, we found some at the toys "r" us early this morning. as you saw it was not very crowded there. so it was a good time to get quick shopping done and not have to fight the crowds.
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>> the toy deals at toys "r" us. >> i'm tired but i have to shop. >> she sounds tired. despite being tired she will be hitting more stores throughout the day, shopping until she drops apparently. as you start your holiday shopping, a warning to you. the fbi sending out a consumer protection warning. >> as many as 16 million americans will become identity theft victims. data breaches exposed some of the biggest names from target to home depot to ebay. when you are shopping online make sure the website you are using is secure, look for the lock in the upper left corner of the screen before you enter any of your credit card information. and of course you should also keep a close eye on your bank account and credit card activity. >> people should be checking their bank accounts on a daily basis and their credit card accounts to make sure that every transaction they see is theirs. >> retailers expect to rake in more than $500 million for black
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friday and more than $1 billion on cyber monday. >> sky force 10 is read the go on this black friday. here is a live look from the cockpit this morning, the crew is launching and looking for potential problems for black friday shoppers. we've got an eye on that. and before you hit the stores for your shopping check out nbc 10's gift guide. it has gift ideas and other tips to get you ready for the holidays. you can find it on and the nbc 10 app. also right now we have information on store hours running at the bottom of your screen. check that out before you leave the house. happening now, france is holding a national memorial service to honor the people killed in a terror attack two weeks ago. this is a live look at that service. a crowd of 1,000 survivors and mourners were gather there had with french president francois hollande. this is all happening as police
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in belgium carried out raids in connection with the paris terror attacks. coming up, we'll have an update on the search for the suspected ring leader of the plan. >> it's 5:07. from our jersey shore bureau, thanksgiving turned dangerous for a family when a fire ripped through their home. firefighters were called to a home on richie court in brick township late yesterday afternoon. everyone made it out okay here, and fire investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. thanksgiving day is one of the busiest days for firefighters around the country. >> this morning police in burlington county are looking for your help in identifying a killer who shot a convenience store clerk. police were called to the quick and go around 8:30 wednesday night. this is the man they are looking for. when officers got to the store the 32-year-old store employee had been shot several times. he was lying in the street and he died an hour later at the
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hospital. >> happening later today, haddonfield kicks off candlelight shopping. starting tonight at 6:00, you'll find luminaries along the sidewalk and trees will be lit up. a tree lighting ceremony happens at 6:30 followed by a parade featuring santa claus. there will be music and horse-drawn carriage rides, haddonfield's candlelight shopping every friday throughout the holiday season. >> maybe you are heading out this friday to choose a fresh cut christmas tree. we found this lot at roxborough ready to do business along ridge avenue. they appear to have plenty of trees on hand and all shapes and sizes for you. good morning. we're checking out patchy fog this morning, also cool temperatures if you're starting off in pottstown we're at 35 degrees, 37 in reading, 50 degrees in mount pocono, 36 in
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allentown. in the low 30s for quakertown. 37 in wilmington, 39 in northeast philly, temperatures in mount holly at 36 degrees. woodbine 41, and we're already in the 50s for lewis, we do have warmer air over our region due to the high pressure that's off to the northeast. and so we are going to see a more mild day today than what we saw yesterday and well above average for this time of year. so your satellite/radar shot shows quiet conditions but we're tracking a few changes. we can see the system that is causing delays, reports of black ice associated with this system here, you can see the rain moving into parts of chicago. also affecting conditions in iowa and the northern parts of texas, even stretching out to new mexico. so this system is going to fully transition our way. but once it gets here we're only going to track a few showers but it's also going to usher in cooler air so today is the last day we're going to see temperatures in the 60s, by tomorrow we drop back down to the 50s, a 10-degree drop.
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you notice scattered showers, tomorrow throughout philadelphia up through the lehigh valley and into the poconos and trenton. this will be light rain, short lived and then another round closer to sunday at 9:00 a.m. this time it's going to be mainly situated for locations south of philadelphia, south jersey along the shoreline, the central and southern parts of delaware. the clouds clearing as we get into the afternoon and evening hours on sunday. the other thing we're tracking, near record highs for today. so, the yellow is the forecast, the ved the record. you can see 63 is the forecast high. we expect to break the high the record 62. you'll notice most locations like reading and the poconos we're between 2 to 3 degrees within that record. but closer atlantic city and philadelphia we're about 5 degrees or 6 degrees so the record high is 73 in philly, and our forecast high 67. i am tracking the cooler conditions as the weekend rolls around. i'll go over more in my
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seven-day forecast. >> thanks so much, brittney. now a look at traffic. >> yeah. you don't want to sit in traffic this morning as you are trying to get those deals, right >> right. you have good news heading out on 309 we had it closed southbound. you have to get around the area, the accident is clear right now. no problems southbound around butler pike. that overturned vehicle, an accident scene with several police officers in the way as well, all cleared out of the way. no problems north or southbound. the rest of the roadways are looking great but 95, watch out for construction over in delaware or right around the blue route, the off ramp is partly blocked until december 1. we'll fly through delaware. no problems, in the green, 11 minutes at the most. >> this morning we have you covered when it comes to black friday. we'll let you know which stores are waiting longer to get things
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going today. >> sky force 10 has a bird's-eye view checking on traffic and crowd congestion as shoppers hit the stores. 76ers street fight. a rookie is in hot water after this dust up in boston. >> firing, and it is complete. he won that battle. >> picked apart. the eagles licking wounds after a brutal loss. hear what players have to say about suffering their second blowout in four days.
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the second wave of holiday shopping is happening now across the country. many places opened yesterday evening before people even had a chance to digest their thanksgiving meal. radio shack stores are in that group, they opened up from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. yesterday and some locations are back open early this morning. radio shack which closed more than half its stores earlier this year is hoping to turn around years of lagging sales. in gloucester county the deptford mall will reopen in about 45 minutes after the mall was open for six hours thanksgiving evening. mall employees had launched an online petition asking managers to close on thanksgiving day. the gloucester premium outlets welcomed shoppers last night.
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at 6:00 last evening. new to the outlets an old navy and gap factory outlet. >> coming up in about 15 minutes we'll head back out to the mall to get a check on what's happening right now. matt delucia and monique braxton are checking out the lines to give you a heads up as you plan your shopping day. shutting down black friday, that is what some clergy in chicago plan to do today. they will march down chicago's magnificent mile to protest the shooting of laquan mcdonald as more dash camera videos are released of what happened before officer jason van dyke killed the teen. a new tape showed van dyke's car pursuing him. van dyke is charged with murder. >> a season for the sixers getting messier. the team is looking into reports that jaleel okafor got into a
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street fight outside a boston nightclub. there is video posted by tmz. according to tmz okafor shoved a man and punched him after the man started heckling him how bad the 76ers are. the team lost 26 straight games. the 76ers released a statement saying they are working to gather more information. no police report was filed. >> it was another tough loss for the eagles. this picture sums up how the game went for the birds as they dropped a laugher to detroit yesterday. for the second game in a row the eagles got just crushed and here is an all too familiar sight yesterday. matt stafford to johnson, stafford had five touchdown passes, three to johnson. it's the second game in a row a
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qb threw for five td's against the birds and the first time the eagles have allowed 45 points in consecutive games. the lions win, 45-17, the players you can imagine frustrated. >> right now the product is absolutely embarrassing that's on the field right now. and the last thing we need, the last thing a team ever needs is separation. >> next up for the birds, the new england patriots, the eagles hit the road to take on tom brady and the pats sunday, december 6. >> turning to traffic right now, let's get a check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. she's following an accident on 309. >> how is it looking? >> 309 cleared out of the way. so good to go there. no problems on 309. that was around butler pike. the southbound lanes were closed. the schuylkill expressway now looking great. so if you are heading out the door maybe to get to center
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city, go shopping, to king of prussia mall, no problems westbound or eastbound as you can see these are cameras around montgomery drive. we have 11 minutes or 13 minutes at the most if you are heading to center city east from the blue route to the vine street expressway, 13 minutes, and you can see those speeds are moving. if you are heading into new jersey t 42 freeway, or the deptford mall shopping area, no problems there. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge a five-minute trip. i'll check on the bridges when i come back. good morning. we are going to see a warm day today, temperatures well above average. in fact, pretty close to tying records so especially in places like allentown, it's not the entire area. philadelphia about 6 degrees away from the record. i'm tracking weekend showers on saturday and sunday and cooler temperatures as we push into the
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weekend. so for today we'll be well above average, checking out a little patchy fog for philadelphia. 42 degrees at the airport, the air is calm, and then here's a closer look at the visibility down to a quarter mile in atlantic city. if you are heading out the door you want to take it easy. allow extra time. you might find some difficulty on the roads with the dense fog in those locations. current temperatures, 39 in philadelphia, 36 in mount holly, 38 in millville, 41 in dover. mid-30s in pottstown. the satellite/radar shot shows that as we go into the rest of today we'll see lots of sunshine. a few thin clouds into the poconos. we have this major system affecting travel especially with reports of black ice embedded in parts of the system. we also have a cold front associated with this storm system that is going to move closer to us as we head to the weekend. our temperatures will drop tomorrow, they will drop again heading into sunday thaend we track rain as you head into
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saturday. 1:00 p.m. the poconos down into allentown and philadelphia. light rainfall is going to linger in those locations, and make its way down toward south jersey. we have a better chance of rain in south jersey sunday morning than on saturday. so it really looks like philadelphia points north and west on saturday will see the best chance of rain, then it will be reversed for sunday with south jersey seeing a better chance. everything clears up as we get into sunday afternoon. for today even warmer than what we saw yesterday and yesterday was more than 10 degrees above average. as we head into saturday we are going to drop back down into the 50s so it will feel closer to average for us. our seven-day forecast shows that as we push into sunday we still have another chance of showers south, then if you look at what happens as we push into next week, we track two chances for a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. >> still warm out there. if you are taking part in the
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black friday frenzy make sure you have your cell phone with you. we'll explain how it could make shopping easier for you in the future. plus a black friday discount on snach yes, we'll tell you about a free alternative to shopping aimed at getting you outside. donald trump is take heat for appearing to make fun of a reporter's disability on the campaign trail. hear what trump says he is the one who deserves apology. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> sky force 10 has a bird's-eye view. this is a live look at the cherry hill mall which opens in about 40 minutes this morning. you can see the bottom of the screen for more hours this black friday if you are heading out to the stores. some retailers are opting out of black friday sales. outdoor and fitness retailer rei is closed today and urging customers to do something outside instead of going shopping. they are encouraging people to share their outdoor activities on social media with #optoutside. if you would rather enjoy the outdoors then battle for the holiday deals you can head to delaware. today admission is free to all delaware state parks. good morning. i'm tracking a little bit of patchy fog, also warmer
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temperatures close to a record. record warmth expected for us today. light wind speeds and cooler conditions as we head into the weekend. i'm also tracking a chance of weekend showers. >> we're watching the blue route, you can see no problems or lane restrictions. when i come back we'll check in with mass transit. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia in delaware. where can you see parking lots filled at 5:30 in the morning? well, of course it is all for black friday. we're talking some of the shoppers about why they are coming out for the big bargains. >> i'm live in king of prussia mall. lord and taylor is open. check out the line for starbucks. i guess folks need some fuel for their shopping. ♪
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♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... on sale at, starting tomorrow. black friday frenzy. shoppers are getting ready for a day of deals and door busters. we're live at area malls with what you need to know before you head out today. >> plus, instead of black friday, the phillies are all about red friday today. here is a live look at citizens bank park. we'll tell you how fans can
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start their holiday shopping with the phillie phanatic. >> we are expecting a warm day across the area, some spots could make it into the record books. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> and i'm katy zachry. let's start with meteorologist brittney shipp who is in for bill. brittney, there has been a warming trend most of us have loved. >> i loved it yesterday. temperatures at 64, lots of sunshine, you barely needed a jacket. the same will be true today. in fact, temperatures are going to be even warmer. they are warmer this morning than they were yesterday. 36 degrees in allentown, mid-30s in pottstown, 42 in philadelphia. 42 in atlantic city. your 8-hour city planner shows that we're dealing with a bit of patchy fog, you can see it on the animation. 7:00 a.m., 44 degrees, 10:00 a.m., 54. by 1:00 p.m., 63. again today the high will be all the way at 67


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